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Let’s be honest, owning a home comes with 

its fair share of tasks and responsibilities, it 

can feel like there is always something that 

needs getting done. That’s why we created 

Townsquare, our goal is to provide homeowners 

with a one-stop shop solution for finding & booking

various workers and services, to help save them 

time and effort in the search.

Any service,
All under one roof.

questions from our clients

Our helpers are skilled individuals who are able to assist with small odd jobs such as cleaning, organizing, and basic home repairs. They are reliable and efficient, and are able to handle tasks that do not require extensive expertise or experience.

On the other hand, our pros are highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are able to handle medium and large size jobs such as home renovation, landscaping, and complex home odd jobs and repairs. They have the skills and expertise to handle more complex and demanding tasks, and are able to provide a higher level of service and quality.

Yes, you can request to book the same helper or pro that you have worked with in the past. To do this, simply notify us on the “add a message” section of our service form with the name of the helper you would like. If you have forgotten the name, no worries, give us a call and we will be able to assist you in finding out which helper or pro you have used in the past and make a note for your next booking request.

When a job request is received, we carefully select the worker(s) that best fit the service request and meet our requirements, to provide the best service possible.

To ensure high-quality service, all of our helpers are required to have a minimum of 6 months of experience in the service and job they are applying for.


One of the key differences between us and other companies is our network of pros and helpers. We have carefully curated and built a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, as well as reliable and efficient helpers. This allows us to offer a wide range of services and the flexibility to match the right professional with the right helper to suit the specific needs of each job.

This approach not only allows us to provide high-quality services, but also helps to reduce overall job costs for our clients. The different hourly rates of our helpers and pros mean that we can offer more affordable options for small and medium size jobs, without sacrificing quality.

Another advantage of Townsquare is that we can assist with small jobs that may be too small for other companies to take on. Our network of helpers are happy to help out with odd jobs and we can provide cost effective solutions for small jobs that other companies may not be able to assist with.

Our payment system is processed through QuickBooks, you will receive an invoice link via email within 12-24 hours after the completion of the job. You can easily pay with a credit card online. Other payment methods like cheque or e-transfer are also accepted.

Townsquare services and workers are currently available to assist on projects within the Montreal Island and its surrounding areas, including Île Perrot and Île Bizard. We are working towards expanding our services to other areas in the near future.

Yes, Townsquare offers a 6-month work guarantee for all services and work provided. If an issue arises, one of our team leads will be dispatched to resolve it for you. You can find and fill out our warranty form at the bottom of the main page, which you can fill out and submit to us for further assistance.

The rate for jobs where our helpers assist the client with their tasks are by the hour. For jobs where a Townsquare team lead is assigned to oversee the helper and the tasks, the rate can be either hourly or flat-rated based on the service. Jobs with a Pro that is working solo or with one helper, the rate is usually flat-rated.


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